Program Description

Alternative Competitive - Age Requirement: (11-17 years)

Whether you are new to competitive swimming and wanting to try it out for the first time, or are an ex- competitive swimmer, looking to maintain your skills while having a "build your own" practice schedule this program is for you.

This program follow's Swim Canada's Long-Term Developmental Guidelines while aiming to foster a life-long love for the sport. Our coaches are trained to meet the swimmers where they are at and modify their seasonal training to meet the participants individual goals while providing them with challenging and fulfilling workouts.

We group swimmers into different lanes based on the particular skill being taught and each swimmer's present comfort level with that skill. This allows swimmers to be moved easily into a more appropriate lane based on the skills being worked on in that particular practice; as well as they progress throughout the season. Furthermore, this flexible grouping system allows us to maintain a system where friends are not separated from each other, and where there is less focus placed on group placements.

Fall Registration is Open!

Did you know?

NCAC Swim schedules all of our programs to run at the same time so instead of sitting in the stands, watching the kids swim, you, the parent can swim too!

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