About Us

Our Story

The National Capital Aquatics Club (NCAC) was founded in 2015 by Dan LeRoy. We offer swim coaching and instruction at various pools throughout Ottawa to swimmers of all ages and abilities.

Who do we cater to?

Whether you or your child are looking to become a competitive swimmer, swimming to stay active or just learning to swim as a life-skill, our patient and experienced coaches will help you get to where you want to be. We strive to make our programs a place for every swimmer to grow at their own rate and develop their strokes at their own pace.

Why Choose us?

By choosing NCAC, you get to reap all of the benefits of our up and coming swim club such as:

  • Swim while your child swims
  • Pick and choose your own schedule
  • Join a community of open communication with athletes and their families while building long-lasting relationships

"Life is longer than a 50 meter pool" - Team Motto

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